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For Physicians

Interested in learning more about the Canadian medical cannabis program or Cannabis Medical Centre services? Here’s some helpful information.

Cannabis Medical Centre (CMC) is a medical cannabis clinic based in Victoria. We currently serve patients through multiple locations in BC, with plans to expand across Canada.

To offset the challenges patients already experience accessing medical cannabis, CMC offers its services free of charge. Our team of physicians, nurses, educators, and customer care representatives is driven by passion and compassion, and helps patients with qualifying conditions access medical cannabis in an informative and supportive setting.

If you’re a physician looking to learn more, here are some resources that may be useful:

https://www.projectcbd.org – Project CBD hosts a database of clinical studies investigating CBD’s efficacy in treating various conditions.

Click here for a comprehensive Health Canada guide for physicians prescribing cannabis, detailing the medical indications of cannabis, its pharmacodynamic activity, as well as risks of use and side-effects.